Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Olympic Bouquets Score Gold!

The 2012 Olympic organizers should get a gold medal for the lovely nosegays--tiny bouquets presented as gifts to medal-winning athletes upon the podium in the Victory Ceremonies. The Victory Bouquets of the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies symbolize the absolute BEST of the host country at the 2012 Olympics. Not only are the hand tied fragrant bouquets of elegant design and bring a touch of the English countryside gardens to the Games, but also these nosegays are totally created with good eco-intention-- grown and made locally and sustainably. 

The 2012 Victory bouquet with the signature grouping of blooms reflects the design of late, Jane Packer, an internationally renowned UK florist. Each nosegay reflects the vibrancy and energy of the Games with the four sections, each holding a different variety of the rose. Roses are a culturally iconic flower for the British, and the ones being used are Illios (yellow), Marie Claire (orange), Wimbledon (green) and Aqua (pink). Each section is also divided with traditional and fragrant garden herbs – English lavender, rosemary, apple mint and wheat.  Olympians will take home their medal and a locally and sustainably grown fragrant English garden bouquet as a keepsake of their trip to the UK.

From start to finish all 4, 400 Victory Bouquets were created locally and sustainably from local fields. All of the blooms and sprigs of the bouquet are home-grown from local fields, and assembled and delivered at the time of the Games by college and floristry students from across the UK.  The heady scent, vibrant color and romantic appearance of the 2012 Victory Bouquet is the quintessential symbol of the energy of the games and also the timeless tradition of the English garden.

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