Saturday, March 9, 2013

Re-Cyclery Partners with Marinwood Market & Today's Bouquet

Pop-Up Flower Shop by Today's Bouquet at Marinwood Market
March 9 - 30, 2013

A whimsical old vintage bike circa 1950's, announces the Spring launch of the Pop-Up Flower Shop by Today's Bouquet at Marinwood Market. Our friends at the Re-Cyclery generously lent the antique bike to raise visibility of their non-profit Trips for Kids, and their bike thrift store in San Rafael on 4th Street. The Re-Cyclery keeps bikes out of landfills and compliments our use and philosophy of re-using old things for our flower arrangements; so Re-Cyclery is a treffic new partner.

Marinwood Market and Today's Bouquet are delight to partner with the Re-Cyclery!  This Spring bike-on down to Marinwood Market and our Pop-Up Flower Shop

The Re-Cyclery Thrift Shop is located in San Rafael’s downtown business district and is a center for affordable bicycle transportation. The shop sells an array of bikes, parts and accessories donated by individuals, shops and manufacturers. As needed, their mechanics assemble, refurbish, and breathe new life into the donated bikes and parts.

Sales at +Re-Cyclery raise funds that support the work of Trips for Kids, a nationwide nonprofit program with 45 independent chapters serving over 5000 disadvantaged youth each year. Trips for Kids provides mountain bike outings, job training and environmental education for youth that would not otherwise have these opportunities. Their programs combine lessons in personal responsibility, achievement, and environmental awareness through development of practical skills and the simple act of having fun.

For great deals on new and used bikes for kids and adults, bike parts and accessories you can’t find anywhere else, and new cycling clothes at low prices, visit Re-Cyclery at 610 4th Street in San Rafael. By shopping at or donating toRe-Cyclery you help the kids, the community, and the environment!

Trips For Kids was founded by director Marilyn Price in 1988. Dozens of chapters have opened up across the United States and Canada ever since, and there's also a chapter in Israel.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Delicate Beauty of Early Spring Blooms

Daphne Odora
The blooms of early Spring are some of my most favorite of the year because of their delicate beauty and amazing architectural form for each fragile bloom. Daphne Odora is the first to say good-bye to winter and welcome spring with its once woody branches now covered with delicate tiny white and pink trumpets that hold an intoxicating fragrance like not other. It blossoms for a short time lasting about six weeks from January through March. It is my favorite bloom to include in Valentine Bouquets as its winning combination of fragrance and exquisite beauty can't be matched seasonally in my garden.

No other flower brightens my day more in early Spring that the many varieties of Daffodils that pop-up throughout my garden. From tiny yellow trumpets mixing with the tangle of For-Get-Me-Nots to the big bold bright trumpets that stand 2 feet tall the announce that spring is here in there glorious and vibrant varieties. My colorful tulips brighten my day to as the punctuate the garden with their colorful display. The many varieties of Daffodils and Tulips in my garden are always a happy and welcome surprise when they spring up in my garden, as I can't ever remember exactly where I plant them from season to season.

Narcissus, Lily of the Valley, and the many fragile fruit tree blossoms seem to be the most delicate and add soft romantic accents to my garden and arrangements.  Their papery textures really adds an intricate show of delicate blooms in that very short window known as early Spring. These blossoms are always threatened by the strong winds and occasional rain where I live, so I really try to get out doors to enjoy them for their exquisite short bloom.