Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Four Seasons of Celebrating Flowers & Friends

What an incredible first year it has been with flowers, friends, and Today's Bouquet! One year ago this Fall, my impulsive-self, with the encouragement of friends, propelled my passion for gardening and arranging flowers into a small boutique floral business with a social media channels and a retail presence at our neighborhood family-owned artisan market in Marin, CA.

Who starts a floral business in a season when flowers are fading fast under the chill of Fall? In that defining moment, when I launched my website last October,  I realized that my aesthetic point of view was about creating artful seasonal arrangements that celebrate  and incorporate, not only my garden's sustainably grown flowers, but also the abundance of what nature provides each season -- such as leaves, seed pods, berries, and branches. 

To my surprise, Today's Bouquet grew quite rapidly, and I began to source flowers from our extraordinary local organic flower farms in the Bay Area. Through my exciting year of creating and expressing with my seasonal flower aesthetic, I learned that I am in the company of a greatcommunity of like minds in an emerging locally grown flower movement lead by the celebrated garden writer and organic flower champion, Debra Prinzing with her pivotal book, The 50 Mile Bouquet . I embrace this movement as it continues to inspire me.

Four season of creating arrangements with sustainably grown flowers for my friends and neighbors has been such a gratifying and whimsical adventure.  I appreciate all the encouragement and support from colleagues and friends in the slow flower movement. I am also grateful to share my flowers in the many celebrations with dear friends and families in my community throughout the year. I look forward to celebrating another four seasons of flowers, friends, and Today's Bouquet!

With love and light, Maya

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Pumpkin Season!

Pumpkin Arrangement with Late Summer Flowers Nestled in My Edible Garden

Assorted Pumpkins with
 Since the first day of Fall, I have been so excited to celebrate my favorite season with my annual quest for PUMPKINS! I just adore their vibrant fall colors and fantastic shapes. This year, I started growing edible ornamentals into my fronyardt and backyard gardens. To enhance my home grown vines, I added some pumpkins bought at my local supermarket and also the neighborhood local patch.  It is simply hard to resist the purchase of a big beautiful pumpkin - - especially one with an expressive stem! Anyway, my obsession could be worse, purses or shoes! Ha!
Celebrate the season with pumpkins!

My Pumpkin Patch In My Front Yard

Mini=Pumpkin with Zinnia Potted Container