Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Simple Elegance: Candying Organic Edible Pansies

Organic Poached Pear Tart with Candied Pansies
Pansies in my Garden
Now that it is Spring, I will be using the variety of edible flowers in my garden to garnish and enhance some of my favorite recipes.  This week I will be using Pansies from my garden for candying and decorating my favorite poached pear recipe.

Container Pansies
Pansies have such old fashion charm and are a favorite as they come in so many different colors -- single and combinations. These velvety flowers also have soft mild flavors and delicate fragrance--primarily the blue flowered ones.  Did you know that when eating Pansies,  unlike most edible flowers, you can eat both the petals and the pistils and stamens. In fact, you can eat the pansy sepals as well! Before you add these beautiful edible flower to your favorite recipe, be sure that the Pansies are not sprayed with pesticides and are grown organically.

Pansies Ready to Candy

To candy pansies you will need the following:

1. Art Brush
2. Fine Baking Sugar
3. Egg White lightly beaten
4. Organic Pesticide Free Pansies
5. Plate for drying

 Watch how easy it is to create a beautiful candied Pansy on my very first video post produce entirely on my HTC cell phone!

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