Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celebrate Today with My Garden Bouquets!

First ” Official” Today’s Bouquet Made for a Parent Meeting at Marin Academy!

Today, I am so excited to officially announce my new backyard homegrown bouquet business! My bouquets offer varieties of heirloom and homegrown flowers, and are an alternative to standard generic super market bouquets.  Today's Bouquet flowers will be fresh and sustainably grown in my garden, and on local farms in the Bay Area.

Today’s Bouquet as a micro-backyard business has been an organic process that first developed through my FB posts of bouquets from my garden; and over this summer grew into my garden blog; and since, it is quickly evolving into a channel for my crazy creative energy!

Each day, I have always loved to bring in cut flowers, greens, and leafy twigs from my garden and walks in the open space into my home, no matter what season, and I hope to share this abundance and beauty with my friends and community. 

Celebrate each day with a garden fresh bouquet!

Thanks to all my FB friends for your encouragement, inspiration, and support!

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