Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Sundae Bouquet with Sprinkles on Top!

To celebrate my dear friend's birthday  who happens to be a huge FB gal, I tried to recreate in flowers my signature birthday post, "Happy Bday with Sprinkles on Top!" My new hydrangea "Lime Light" inspired my whimsical bouquet with its soft chartreuse flowery heads that reminded me of dripping scoops of ice cream, which begged to be placed in a dessert dish for presentation complete with sliver spoon topped by sheer lavender polka dot bow!

 I just had to look to my garden to complete the details of my delectable festive and flowery sundae dessert bouquet including: white flox and white/purple lantana for whip cream and topped with a fragrant pink rose. Oh yes, don't forget the sprinkles on top: mini blooms of pink Gomphrena with orange tips!  : P

Let your blooms inspire your bouquet
Purple Lantana