Saturday, December 13, 2014

Seasonal Gifts from the Garden

Wintertime bouquets are some of my favorite because I enjoy the challenge of designing with limited seasonal offerings that can be found in my garden and the open space behind my home. Foraging for the gifts of nature during this barren season is half the fun, especially when bright berries and green evergreens pop with color in the grey winter landscape.


Pomegranates and pine cones add whimsy to almost any holiday bouquet or decoration. Pomegranates from my garden are an ornamental I often add into wreath design or to add bold natural pops of color in tablescape design. Pine cones add rich texture and fragrance to floral display.

A new favorite I adore using in my l floral design this season are fig and artichoke leaves. Both add interesting new green textural elements for the winter design vocabulary and makes for an interesting variation form the swags of traditional evergreens that are so much a part of the season.

I love my garden for its seasonal gifts, especially in Winter. <3