Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deck the Halls!

Garlands are my one of my favorite holiday decorations. I love just the way they greet and welcome visitors to my home during the holidays.  This year, I used 16 feet of cedar garland wrapped with white lights, and use ornaments to create a theme. To create a musical theme,  I tied off large golden instrument ornaments that I purchased years ago at a floral store in Florida. Bright red winter berries from my yard add texture and seasonal color to the evergreen garland.  Then, to add a layer of luster, I draped a peppermint and colorful candy glass garland. Bows are always the final touch to finish the arrangement--as anyone who knows me, knows I am completely bow obsessed and collect a variety of rich and unusual ribbon! See details in pics below!

A festive welcomes
Layering of Textures
Ornaments to Create Theme
Lights Brighten &
Warm the Dark Cold Night

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shabby Chic Christmast Tree

While holiday shopping locally with friends in Petaluma, we stumbled upon this shabby chic Christmas Tree in a shopping square in old town's theater district. I loved their choice in ornaments, a variety of painted white old flea market finds including: bird cages and ornate frames, and chandeliers. What a unique and artful inspiration for seasonal decorating! Great shopping too, especially

Happy Holidays! Maya

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Seasonal Celebration: Blooms, Berries, Twigs, and Sprigs

I just added berries and a few evergreen sprigs to a locally grown flower
bouquet from Trader Joe's; then arranged them in a cool mercury glass pedestal bowl

It is hard to believe my late summer flowers are still hanging on in my garden even though it is Dec 12. With the cold monochrome colors of the season emerging in the natural open space surrounding my home, color still prevails against the gray frosty mornings in my garden. The blooming die-hards in my garden include: roses, blue bachelor’s buttons, black-eyed Susans, zinnias., marigolds, and coreopsis among other varieties.  However, it is time to prune, as most are fragile from the morning frosts, and look to bringing in the abundance of this season’s robust evergreens for bouquets and seasonal decor.

Winter in Woods near my Home

Color Prevails in my Garden
Dec 11, 2012
On your neighborhood walks or hikes take a moment to appreciate and discover the evergreen branches and bright bursts of color found in a variety of berries and fruits that hang like ornaments.  Bring these berries, twigs, and sprigs into your home to create festive seasonal decorations; and sometimes you can find them in your own backyard. Below are just a few colorful berries found in my garden:

I have already begun to gather trimmed evergreen branches from the local Christmas tree lot, and pick bright bunches of berries from my yard to create wonderful seasonal arrangements.  For centuries, evergreens branches have been gathered as garlands and wreaths to celebrate life during this cold barren season. I have been having fun using them in seasonal table arrangements.  See some of my recent favorites!

Ice Will Reveal by Julia Dvorin Book Launch Arrangements

Old Maple Syrup Tin with Seasonal Sprigs and Berries
Let It Snow Cupcake Party
for Miller Creek Middle School Library

Remember to celebrate the season with what grows locally and in abundance.  It will make your decor and arrangement seem beautifully authentic to your natural environment and home.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year! Maya xo

We are ready to celebrate the season at my house!